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    - Attitide, Confidence, Positive -

  • Brigid Yu

    - So much love -

    Filters' Sanitising Hand Moisturiser  (Pack of 3)

    No joke I'm about to finish up my first bottle of hand cream... I love the ingredients, the scent, the size, the packaging and how moisturising it is...everything is just so heavenly nice!! I hope they will come out with more products soon!!

  • Charissa cheung

    - This is an amazing product! -

    Moisturizing Repair x Body Care

    I have tried so many hand cream and moisturizing products over the last decades , nothing can give me a soft and moisturized skin like Filters. I really loved Filters products!

  • Julia Chan

    - Big Love-

    Extreme Brightening Botanical Extract Body Scrub

    The Twig Scrub is really good, I used it for two weeks and found that my skin is really good White swipe left, Zhong Yao department will not do it after using up a D! It’s really obvious to see the dull position and the gloss left
    Zhong has a few hearts that the sand grains of the canal will melt after a few strokes, it is an environmentally friendly material👍🏼👍🏼

  • Ms tina

    Rose&peony brightening Body Care set

    I just bought the whole set for a week, just tried it, it feels good, and it whitens at the same time. Will continue to buy.